Project Description

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach that uses nutrition science to promote health and wellbeing. Naturopathy is a philosophy and holistic healthcare system that recognises the healing power of nature.

Using the functional medicine model, this client-centred approach will take into account the presenting symptoms but will look beyond for the root cause of ill health and consider influences to health that may be coming from dietary, emotional, mental and structural factors. This truly holistic system to healing treats everyone as an individual. It encourages the body’s natural healing abilities and by doing so may be of benefit to many common health problems.

Nutritional Therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing.



A food diary and basic health questionnaire will be sent to fill in and return (at least 3 days prior to the consultation) to assist in the assessment process and allow for some initial research into your case.


The initial consultation will take up to 90 minutes, where a thorough case history will be taken and details of any health goal or preferred outcome. It is important to know about your whole life – past and present; including medical history and any treatments used, dietary patterns, digestion, as well as lifestyle factors such as sleeping, exercise, emotional and physical stressors, or major life events. Tongue and nail analysis, alongside basic iridology is also incorporated into the consultation to look at inherent strengths and weakness which may help in the assessment process.

An initial therapeutic assessment will be given at the end of the consultation as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations designed to help relieve the presenting symptoms and any nutritional imbalances that may be present. The aim is to empower the client with enough information to want to make these changes (often just small adjustments), so that they can take control of their health in the long term. Supplements may also be recommended at this time.


It may be necessary to do some further research into your case after the initial appointment once a full history has been taken, especially for more complex conditions.

I recommend at least one follow-up approximately a month after the initial consultation where we can monitor progression and make any adjustments to the protocol as necessary to compliment the clients changing needs.