Hi everyone, I’m KT, a naturopathic nutritional therapist and the face of Nourished You. This is my new page – it’s really exciting to finally have an online presence. Please like and stay in touch. I’ll be sharing more about nutritional therapy, interesting nutritional artices, recipes I use and love, and lots more. If you […]
Most people know when they’re stressed but very few consistently take the healthiest action to combat its negative effects. In fact, when stress strikes, most people do the opposite; they skip meals, eat junk, guzzle alcohol, drink more coffee, and throw out of the window all those nurturing… More ORIGINAL SOURCE
Striking statistics from Public Health England indicate that only 31% adults and 8% teenagers meet the bare minimum recommendation of eating ‘5 A Day’.[i] An adequate daily intake of fruits and vegetables is crucial for our health. It can help to support immunity, reduce disease risk, and improve… More How Can ‘Eating The Rainbow’ Improve […]
A big Hello! …to all those who’ve followed and liked the page in the last few days – please do link up anyone else who you think might be interested. I can do video consultations so you don’t need to be local. 🥰🥰 ORIGINAL SOURCE