The conventional approach to nutrition is that collectively we require similar nutrients on a daily basis and optimum health can be achieved if you stay within these guidelines. However, this uniform approach does not take into account our unique characteristics.

Like fingerprints, we each have biochemical differences that determine who we are and how we interact within our internal and external environments. Biochemical individuality is a combination of our genes, how our environment has shaped the expression of them and ultimately how this affects our nutritional needs.

We cannot assume that everyone will absorb, utilise, metabolise and excrete nutrients in the same way, and with perfect efficiency. This explains the wide response to nutrition; why the one-size-fits-all approach cannot work for everyone, and how our life-cycle and changes may affect our nutritional needs over time.


Nutrition and lifestyle approaches to healthcare have been shown to support the health of all the major systems of the body. These priorities often include;

  • support to achieve optimum energy levels

  • healthy blood sugar balance (including, but not limited to diabetes)

  • emotional and psychological wellbeing

  • optimum digestive health

  • tolerance to a broad range of food groups.

Please contact me to discover whether nutritional therapy is the right path for you.



Nutritional Therapy takes a holistic view of your health, and aims to support the health of both your body and mind by helping you choose the right foods and supporting you to make sustainable changes to your diet. Targeted nutritional supplements may be recommended. [...READ MORE...]



Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach that uses nutrition science to promote health and wellbeing. Naturopathy is a philosophy and holistic healthcare system that recognises the healing power of nature. Using the functional medicine model, this client-centred approach will take into account the presenting symptoms but will look beyond for the root cause [...READ MORE...]



I really recommend taking advantage of the free 20 minute telephone call where we can discuss basic symptoms, how the consultation process works and whether nutritional therapy is the right path for you. Please note no treatment will be offered during this call Initial consultation (90 minutes) £90 This [...READ MORE...]



A food diary and basic health questionnaire will be sent to fill in and return (at least 3 days prior to the consultation) to assist in the assessment process and allow for some initial research into your case. The initial consultation will take up to 90 minutes, where a thorough [...READ MORE...]

Some kind words from a few of my clients

“My experience with KT over two appointments was a very positive one. I felt I was asked thorough and relevant questions and we explored many possibilities I hadn’t thought of before. I was recommended changes to my diet and given nutritional advice including handy supplements which made a positive impact on my health.”


“KT helped me with a simple test that I didn’t know of. It highlighted digestive problems that were contributing to my insomnia. I’m sleeping better for this knowledge and my diet changes. I’m looking forward to working with her on other areas of my diet soon.”

I found KT to be not only very professional and thorough her demeanor also made me feel comfortable and at ease. Speaking about things such as bowel movements can be a little embarrassing but I did not feel this with KT. Her knowledge was great and her advice extremely helpful which led to a reduction in the issues I had been having.

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